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To conduct research studies on the social a economic conditions of people with a view to involving ways and means for their development within their social historical frame works and to seek promotion of rural development such as provision of drinking water rural industrialization as well as Public Convenience for people.

Food Poor Children

To provide all kinds of help to poor people by providing them education, Medical help, health check up making arrangement for their needs, food, shelter, sports, entertainment and culture activities. publishing of Educational Books, Literature.To rehabilitate child labour, street children, orphans to sensitize them on their rights.

Women Empowerment

To form women groups, youth groups, self help groups; old aged groups, adolescent groups, children groups/clubs, community leaders groups and group of volunteers.To reassert that women’s human rights are indivisible and universal and to challenge the development policies affecting the rights of women. .

Provide health check-up

To establish / run / manage hospitals, health centres, mobile health clinics, research centre to provide health care, counseling and referral services for all kinds of illness and deceases, fight against HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases and provide various medical services such as organizing health and awareness camps of Immunization, Eye Care, Motherhood and Child Care

Education Poor Children

To establish and run the schools (Nuresry, Primary and Matriculation etc.) for the welfare and uplift of the needy children.To work with special concentration for the Child & Women Welfare and take up Health, Educational and Welfare programmes for needy Women and children on priority basis.science, technology, trust and other fields.
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New Sustainability
To fund/support to the family of the needy children for better development, staying in their community with their culture and tradition.
GOAL : 1340 $   RAISED : 925 $
New Sustainability
To establish home for orphan children, aged, destitute women (helpless) for their care and protection with dignity benevolent individuals .
GOAL : 1340 $   RAISED : 925 $
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